Posted: 24 May 2012 in The Hobby

So a little background, I didn’t really encounter D&D until college, and by “college” I mean 2003, so it was right there with D&D 3.0 and 3.5.  I had a few terrible experiences with a few terrible DMs and decided I’d stick to my RIFTS and World of Darkness, thank you very much.  A few years later I heard about D&D 4E, saw the similarities with the MMOs I’d been playing for years, and felt it was an elegant solution to all the problems I saw with earlier D&D.  I’ve backed away from that opinion, but that’s maybe a discussion for another time.

By the time 5th Edition (are they really calling it D&D N5xt?) was announced, I’d already moved on to Pathfinder and figured there wasn’t anything they could do to bring me back.  Then I started reading about things like Hexcrawls and disassociative mechanics and complete game structures…  Suffice to say I dismissed 5E out of hand as something I could even care to follow.

This afternoon, I saw a post by a friend of a friend talking about the playtest materials (which I guess got released today?) and how it was a mix of 2E and 3E, consisted of a whole bunch of book-keeping, undid a bunch of what 4E had established, was catering to players that WotC had lost with 4E…  And now I’m thinking maybe I should rethink my initial dismissal of 5E.  Maybe there’s something there.

So, anyone out there been involved with D&D N5xt?  Does anyone have the playtest materials and can give me a second opinion?  Is there a way I can get the playtest materials?

  1. Carl says:

    Well, as far as I know it’s free to request access, but I have the materials and can share them if you’d like.

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  3. Brendan says:

    There’s a lot of interesting ideas in 5E, and at least the potential for playing in different ways.

    It’s unclear what is core and what is modular for this iteration of the playtest though, as they want everyone to be testing pretty much the same thing. I think the most promising thing so far is the idea for backgrounds and themes. The biggest downside that I see is several aspects that fight against low level resource management play.

    More detail here:




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