Pathfinder Adjustments

Below are a list of tools, systems, and adjustments I’ve decided to make use of in my Pathfinder/D&D 3.X games.  This should be a one-stop shop for the practical output from all my blogging, and generally the tools should be useful for (or easily convertible to) a variety of gaming systems (though I’m generally focused on Pathfinder, myself).

Strength of Personality: A minor descriptive change, Charisma is understood to represent a character’s force of personality, willpower, assertiveness, and ability to lead. Charisma is now the base stat for Will saves.

Awareness: Wisdom is understood to be a character’s awareness, intuition, and common sense. Wisdom is no longer the base stat for Will saves. Skills keyed to Wisdom remain unchanged.

Willful Clerics: With the adjusted understanding of Charisma and Will, Cleric spells, abilities, etc. are now keyed to Charisma instead of Wisdom.

Finesse Weapons: Weapon Finesse is no longer a feat, but a feature inherent to certain weapons that can take advantage of speed and agility rather than simple brute force.  These weapons are: Dagger, Quarterstaff, Scimitar, Rapier,  Short Sword, Elven Curve Blade, and Spiked Chain.

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